Inside Sales

Vara Worldwide provides a complete Inside Sales package to support your marketing & sales efforts. We bring on table 15 Years of Inside Sales & Business Development experience. We understand the transformation of traditional approach to the latest techniques using technology and platforms. Before launching any of our inside sales campaign, we do well planning with our client and align with their team.

We showcase our campaign progress through daily, weekly, monthly & yearly reports. Our inside team helps our client achieving their marketing & sales goals. We say "Our Clients Success Is Our Success".

  • Our Inside Sales Team becomes Client Team

  • A 30-60-90 Approach

  • Identifying Target Industry, Market & Audience

  • Qualification of Contact List

  • Marketing Stage

  • Prospecting Stage

  • Lead Detection

  • Appointment Booking

  • Client - Lead Introductions

  • Account Management & Follow Ups

  • Progress Reports - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Mid-Yearly & Yearly Reports

A guaranteed & result oriented approach for sales growth.

Nurturing Growth