Our best practices align to GDPR terms: 

  • Data protection practice followed strictly.

  • Data is Purged.

  • NDA & Data Protection Agreements signed between the Controller (Client) & Data Processor (Vara Worldwide).

  • Data Transfer is done only through secured protocols between Controller (Client) & Data Processor (Vara Worldwide).

  • Licensed login used to access Data-sources & Data Transfer.

  • We provide Opt-in service, making sure our clients Target prospects are in agreement to receive emails & calls from our client.  


We are in a right position to help our clients to help ensure compliance, maintaining data quality,  and also help improve their ROI.

  • Data Audit

  • Gap Analysis

  • Data Validation

  • Data Mapping

  • Update Relevant Information

  • De-duplication, Normalisation & Standardisation

  • Ongoing & Live Data Management and Cleansing

  • Opt-In & Opt-Out permissions of your Target Audience