CRM Database Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used for storing and managing information related to or arising from customer interactions, customer contact details, survey and research results, communications, purchases, receipts, requests, complaints and other sources. A well-managed CRM database provides accurate information that ensures efficient and smooth communication with customers and delivery of customer service. CRM database is also a source of information on potential leads and includes vital information collected from different channels of customer engagement and interactions such as telephone, through the web, e-mail, social media etc. CRM Database Management is thus vital for the successful CRM efforts of businesses and will ensure the accuracy of business decision making.


CRM Database Management, however, is a resource intensive exercise; it requires investment of considerable amount of time, money, and skilled personnel in maintaining these databases, making changes and updates as and when required. In addition, the larger the business gets, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of sales leads and customers owing to the increasing complexity of the database.

  • Monitoring customer orders, tracking them and updating the database on successful completion of order

  • Updating information from catalogues, brochures and other business information which is relevant to CRM

  • Updating customer contact details and ensuring that all details are correct and recent

  • Incorporation of new customer details and removal of redundant information

  • Managing, entering and updating information related to marketing efforts such as campaigns, research reports, surveys and leads

  • Updating information related to customer requests, queries and complaints

  • Monitoring the integrity of the CRM database at all times and ensuring data security

  • Regular upgrades and maintenance of database.

  • Updating of information related to web-based transactions, social media and e-mail based customer relationship efforts